Thinking about what my drawings are whilst actually drawing allows me to look at them using a different area of the mind – I think. They seem to be intuitive in a sense and also reactive to the other forms around what is being drawn in the present, the interactions between the forms seems to be very important. I want – and have for a long time wanted my drawings to fizz with life, curiosity and a sense of suggestion. The technique I have developed is not the most inherently expressive in terms of the marks being made on the paper (as an example expressive swipes and splats) – the expression for me comes in the culmination of all the elements coming together and creating a visual busyness.


I have been thinking about my process of blogging about my drawings/ progress/ thoughts and feelings etc and have realised it is a great record of the history or a drawing as it shows various stages of completion and for any potential buyers be nice to include snippets of the my blog (and of course the full link) in the parcel when delivering a sale, also I thought a nice idea might be to include a magnifying glass so as to highlight the importance of the detail within the piece. To then be able to view it as I have through its various stages of completion.

Random thought:
Straight off the bat of an incredibly rewarding drawing session today after work and it struck me that all art should be an adventure for the artist – this applies to all types, shapes, sizes and ideas in art, drawing, painting, installation – whatever. The artist should always feel he or she is taking part in an adventure, pushing whatever it is he or she is doing to new limits, constantly learning and seeing more than yesterday.

The pictures in this post is the latest stage of my drawing. Good, bad or indifferent I’d love to hear what you think.

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twitter: stu01621



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