Whilst having a few thoughts after work a couple of days ago today regarding the mountain of work still in front of me in this drawing I started to question whether I had bitten off more than I can chew?  Whether time constraints (i.e. as I cannot devote my entire day to producing and sinking my teeth into my work and only being able to steal windows of time) coupled with an extremely time consuming way of working was actually costing too much in terms of time versus my real life artistic output.  This was whirling round and round in my mind.  The fact is for what I consider a very intricate piece I am effectively committing months of my studio time to one piece, knowing full well it would take considerably less time if I was practicing full time.

Now, taking all this into consideration I then put down my pen and reflected upon this and instantly came to this conclusion:

Take what you can, when you can, unconditionally love what you do, remember that every mark made is a step forward and the mountain that you have to climb becomes smaller, even the smallest amount of time spent is time spent well and can work wonders for a frustrated mental state of mind.




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