For those of you that have been reading my blog you will know I have been working on a drawing for some time now, happily I feel I have reached a point where I feel the drawing is really starting to build and it is beginning to show signs of substance (in my opinion only). It must be a psychosomatic thing but I now feel the drawing is flowing from me with ease and with little conscious effort, my focus has not dulled and is only strengthened by the creative energy I am now able to glean from the thought that I am coming ever closer to my goal and the vision that once seemed so far away. For me this is the sweet spot in my drawing process where I consider the intensity, life and vitality to begin to present itself and with that my doubts and worries quietly recede.


It may of been obvious through reading the paragraph above but I am currently riding the crest of the “successful session of effortless drawing” wave after an invisible day at work, coupled with the all-powerful sweet spot, tonight’s experience has been the visual equivalent of a post exercise high.
I would love to hear what you think of this drawing and as usual all comments – good and bad are welcome.
I consider my drawings to be fairly extreme (the irony of “fairly extreme” has not passed me by), the execution, aesthetic and the attention to detail all reflects my persona, thoughts and behaviour in a way, my drawings are in essence a self-portrait of sorts – each drawing with its own take on a slice of cerebral accuracy that takes a subconscious look at its creator – me. (whom it also appears to be a pretentious buffoon…that can be art though I guess and certain strands of the masses brand all artists “pretentious buffoons” so I may as well indulge in this fallacy a little with my blossoming love of writing). This of course is not true, the art world as with any other strand of society has it’s good and bad, some down to earth people who feel no need to exaggerate their difference but are happy to quietly do their thing and some flouncy people who are the complete opposite – unfortunately our flouncers are the people a lot of the non arty areas of society think we all are. This is not the case. Being involved in art (albeit on a tiny scale) is one of the greatest and most rewarding gifts I could ever wish to have. Thank you as always for taking the time to read my somewhat random musings


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