Random thought.

Sometimes during periods of reflection, perhaps gently swept away by meandering philosophical thought I wonder why I do what I do? Why do I spend hours, upon hours working on a drawing that sometimes never sees the light of day? Sometimes I put myself through almost unbearable bouts of painstakingly detailed work aiming for – and attempting to focus on the microcosm that I can see whilst drawing that is buried somewhere within my subconscious, sometimes details that the naked eye, once surrounded by other elements of the drawing a third party viewer would barely notice. The simple reason as it struck me – because I feel it makes the world a better, more enriched, a more beautiful place to temporarily dwell as we travel through a sometimes hard and unforgiving world. I’m not for a second suggesting that my work makes this world more beautiful, that I create such wondrous work, but because art, rather the creation of it has a gentle, thoughtful nature that asks people to stop and look – and think…maybe even the fact that watching an artist at work often allows people just to stand and stare. The act of creation, in my present case – drawing, has something to offer the world that nothing else can really supply, it has (art that is) a very defined niche within society that by its very nature is indefinable and has blurred the lines of its uses and role within society. Stay tuned for more ramblings, thanks for reading.image


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