Wedding lay off and other news.



So I have had quite a long lay off from writing. I have recently got married and now that the ripples from that amazing day have begun to settle I can now begin to focus on my drawings and indeed writing my blog.

Here’s a picture of our fabulous day.

So anyway, I have been reading Earnest Hemingway recently and have been swept utterly swept away by the mans writing, his ability to tell a story, the experience that he gathered throughout his life bleeding into the work, his incredible thirst for adventure and the straight forward philosophical stance his characters seem to take. I love the fact that his love of boxing, big game fishing and hunting, fascination with bull fighting and experiences of war are all thrown into an earthy Hemingway melting pot and out comes literature of the highest order. He has inspires me to continue what I am doing and love it – with passion.

Back to drawing and my current situation, so basically being the polar opposite of the paragraph above I am taking part in the Hockey Art Trail. This is a local council scheme set up to partner local businesses with artists to allow them (me included) to show works and potentially sell them. I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this modest exhibition opportunity and will gratefully take part in the coming years. My work has been placed in a local tanning salon and by all accounts received very well.
Some of my work: what do you all think?



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