Tapping into history

imageHi there, thank you for stopping by.  The above image is the progress that I have made on my latest drawing.  What do you think about it so far?

This drawing will take at the very least another six weeks to complete and will no doubt take it fair share of my sanity along the way.  I am becoming more and more obsessive with each and every drawing that passes through me, the details, the colour, the composition, my practice…lets see how this one comes out!

Whilst ploughing headlong into this piece I began to think about drawing itself, the thoughts, feelings and experience of the act of drawing, of making marks, in my case on paper. An ancient craft.   Anyone drawing is sharing similar experiences as that of someone hundreds – if not thousands of years ago.  Sharing that magical act of creation, watching something develop, the stress, the concentration – the sheer joy of seeing something materialize from a vision buried deep inside.  Just think about that for a second.  What an incredible thought!  It is similar to standing, as I did when o was a child in front of a Paul Cézanne painting and thinking to myself – my goodness the great man himself would of been in the same position as I am now (in proximity to the painting).  You will come to learn that I can ramble sometimes but I just love to let the writing flow sometimes.


Thank you for reading







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