I’ve been giving my drawings a lot of thought recently, how to develop, the philosophy behind them and what they mean to me. To go hand in hand with I am also always looking at how I can progress on from a technical point of view, whether it is use of colour, the overall aesthetic or development of existing themes and elements.
So whilst reading I discovered an artist named Joseph Cornell, an American assemblage artist. He created incredibly subtle and finely balanced work, amazing skill was hidden beneath the usual exterior aesthetic. However more than the work itself he apparently once said that he explored “poetic connections” that run within the world and human life.

Love it!

This one phrase really sums up how I consider my work to operate, after all what is art without poetry?

My work couldn’t look more different than Cornell’s but I feel a genuine affinity with what he used to do. It just goes to show that ongoing learning about what has happened in the past can help to inform what happens in the future. Above is an image of my latest drawing that is only just out of its embryonic phases, what do you think?

You can see more of my work at:

Instagram: stu01621

Artfinder:  http://www.artfinder.com/stuart-belton

saatchiart:  http://www.saatchiart.com/blbwickaolcom

email: stu.belton@aol.co.uk


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